Truth is Stranger and sometimes sadder than Fiction

So…   I’ve been working my butt off.  Figuratively of course .  Literally my big caboose is still with me.  That sucks.  But I digress.

In the midst of working my… well you know, I had a flash of brilliance..  I decided to pursue getting to the bottom of my adoption story.  I was placed in foster care at around age 4 and adopted a few years later.  I live in Georgia so the records were closed until 1990 I think it was, when they changed the laws and you could get non identifying information for a fee and you could get the state to conduct a search for a fee.  I was broke so I did neither. But I did sign up for the Adoption Reunion Registry.  And then life went on.

Kids are now grown and life at least on the personal side is quiet so I finally got back to the who-am-I-and-where-did-I-come-from thing and sent off for my Non identifying information last month.  It came this Tuesday. And my world has been reeling ever since.

I had assumed all these years that 1. I was my BM’s (that’s Birth Mother), first child.  3.. I assumed she was in her early to mid 20s and 3. I assumed that she was from the South.  Errr.. WRONG! on every count.    She was 37 when I was born and I was her last child and she is from New Hampshire!  And unfortunately because the state says they never got my registration for the Adoption Reunion , I never got to meet my BM .  She registered in 1991 and passed away in 1998.

Now I  am searching for any maternal relatives.  I supposedly have 3 older siblings.  JoAnne  from The Adoption Database has found my cousin Ellen on my mother’s side.   So I’ve learned a few details about my mother’s family.  We have not yet spoken but I hope to soon.

So my attempts at weightloss have been at a standstill.   I am still taking my Omnitrition products and have loads more energy as well as sleeping much better than before.  But my food choices are abysmal!

Ok that’s it for now.  I am up to my earlobes in work so I better get back to it!

Have a great weekend folks! 🙂