Hi!  I am Kimberly and I am a southern gal living in Georgia.    I have been married for 17 years and I  work full time as a residential real property appraiser in west Georgia.  I started my blog to journal my journey back to a healthier me. It will some times be a bumpy road but I will post what I learn and links to places on the web that I find so perhaps your journey will be enhanced.  Please leave me some love or comments/feedback!




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  1. Hey Kimberly!

    I was searching for a food pyramid image in google images to share as an educational tool for my clients and I came across your blog, as it contained the picture I clicked on. I couldn’t help but notice your most recent entry and the weight frustration that you were sharing. I’ve been studying holistic nutrition and am about to graduate next month as a certified health counselor. If you’d like some support around getting yourself to a healthy place, feel free to reach out to me. My currently-mid-construction website is beautifullybalancednutrition.com.


    • Nearly a year later… *sigh* I have bookmarked your site. My son is now home from the Navy and is working with me toward a hearlthier me. I am currenly trying *again* to eliminate processed foods from my diet. I am also looking into ditching commercially prepared antipersperants and shampoos in favor of home made ones. My son has me on a work out regime as well and he has been making me smoothies LOADED with raw veggies and some fruits. It is very easy to let life events derail you from your goals so my main goal for now is NOT to get derailed! lol. Health and happiness to you Jessica!

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