Happenstance, Circumstance and other Oddites of Life

The catalyst for change is often rooted in unhappiness.  Unhappiness with a job or a relationship or the way we look in the mirror  or a health concern et al.   For me it was a combination of being unhappy with my body image and unhappy about  my health.

This spurred me, initially, to make some changes.  I began researching Vegan (Forks Over Knives) and Paleo (then segued to Primal) to try to determine which path was better for me, my lifestyle and my habitts.  I eventually settled on Primal but did little to make real sweeping dietary changes other than eliminating grains from my diet.   I later added Omnitrition products that I loved and still love btw!  Cant say enough good things about Omni Charge and NiteLite!  Also lost 20 lbs on Omn Drops *whoot!* that I later gained back by going crazy over the holidays.  Then the holidays slid into the new year and I just kept on sliding.  Right back to where I had begun!  Naughty me.

But I knew my son was coming home in the spring and he had been doing vegan (when his budget and work schedules allowed) and had been working out.  He promised to whip his Mom back into shape.  😮

So now the journey began again.  And I noticed some interesting coincidences.  My son had been doing vegan and is a proponent of it, my newly found cousin Ellen had switched to Vegan and then my elder daughter embraced the Vegan lifestyle.  What??!  Is there some cosmic force at play here?  Or just a lot of happenstance?  *hmmm*

Also in all of my reading in prep for my son’s return home I had begun to read about how bad some things are for you.. like cow’s milk, soy, commercial deorderants/antipersperants…  and even tooothposte.  So I had been mulling over making some changes like giving up these items for home made ones.  I had stopped drinking cow’s milk nearly 2 years ago in favor of Almond Milk.  And while mulling and musing, I noticed my daughter posting about “oil pulling” and going to home made toothpaste and going “no ‘poo”.    My smarmy reaction is “great minds think alike” but it did give me pause to wonder about these continuously converging happenings.

So here i sit today, on a daily work out (Monday through Wednesday and Friday, Sat) regime with my son.  I take supplements he recommended for the work outs and he makes us nutritious Smoothies at least 3 days a week.

Today, after giving up commercial store bought anti persperant about 4 days ago (I was washing my pits with warm water and soap multiple times per day ) I made my first batch of Home made deoderant today!


Glamorous stuff , eh?  It is made from coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch.  I whipped it up in 5 quick minutes from a receipe located here.   I used it for the first time before going to work out with my son this evening.  Yes I did sweat but I didn’t stink~ *yea*

My next adventure is going to be toothpaste.  I’m still VERY much on the fence on the no poo thing . LOL.  But I may  give it a go at some point.

Health and happiness to you all from Georgia~