Why I love Omni!

I take Omni IV (liquid multivitamin), Charge, PhytoNutrients, Remind, and NiteLite.   I started with the OmniIV, Charge and NiteLite.   From day one I noticed improvements in my quality of sleep and energy levels.  I added Remind and the PhytoNutrients a month later to help with mental focus and mood.  I have been under a lot of emotional stress lately and finding out that in my genealogy on Birth Mom’s side is dementia and mental illness issues also made it even more important for me to add them.

You can check out the line of Omni Products —> HERE! 🙂

And read below for more  info on the products from Heidi Whitehair.

Charge – Energy and Attitude in a bottle, chocked full of B vitamins which are the first things to deplete in your body if your under any stress mental or physical. It is a natural mood elevator, natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. It also has 2 natural appetite suppressants in it. Great for PMS, mood issues, SAD, depression, anxiety.  Also helps with people with the hyperactivity part of ADHD
Nitelite – 5 hours of sleep feels like 8, You burn more stored body fat in the first 90 minutes of sleep than in your entire day, Collagen for skin tightening and firming! This is my 2nd favorite product. Safe for all ages

Phytonutrients – Anti stress, anti anxiety, calming filled with green tea so anti-cancer as well and it has Ginko Biloba in it which is the only known ingredient to reverse brain aging. I take 4 every morning

Remind – Brain in a bottle, this is a choline supplement for mental focus, concentration, clarity of thought! great for busy Mom’s, people with ADD, ADHD, anxiety, focus issues, OCD, school work, studying. It helps with brain aging! it is like eating 30 lbs of fish in a serving.

Extra Enhancers – Chromium based blood sugar stabilizer so great for hypoglycemia, Diabetes, sugar cravings and cellulite! It also helps turbo the Tea/Javatrim

Fiber N Mor- Phyllium Husk and acidophilus which is a probiotic so it helps with all digestion/intestinal issues such as IBS, diverticulitis, colitis, diarrhea, constipation, Crohns disease etc,,, by adding fiber which everyone needs especially women and puts the good flora back into your intestinal tract. This ofcourse is going to aid in weight loss as well!

OmniSmart – Chelation Therapy this is a product that rotor rooters your arteries, veins and capillaries for plaque so it helps to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and varicose veins. It also aids in getting rid of heave metal toxicity which is found in lots of neurological disorders.

Chitotrim – Natural fat magnet that absorbs the fat you are ingesting in your meals and prevents absorption in the digestive tract so you can eat and not wear it the next day. It also speeds wound healing, aids in lowering cholesterol, acts as an antacid, has antibacterial benefits such as healing acid reflux, heartburn and ulcers, lowers blood sugar levels, helps reduce Blood pressure and aids the digestive tracts with IBS and constipation.
Phasotrim – Natural Carb Blocker. This stops the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose which store as fat! It is awesome for people with Diabetes and Hypoglycemia and for those that want to enjoy carbs and not wear it on our butts the next day! For instance 2 flour tortillas have 120 Starch calories and the calories this would block is all 120. It will not block good carbs! There is a man that took this before drinking beer and lost 50 lbs!