Stressed out about relaxing…

I read an interesting article today on the “secret ingredient to weight loss”.  Sounded tantalizing.  Then I read it and thought, oh yeah.  That.,,,


Just saying it makes me tense.   But stress and how we deal with has a tremendous impact on our weight.  Familiar with the phrase “Weighed down with stress” ?  It makes sense now doesn’t it?   I have about one hundred pounds worth of the stuff I’d like to unload. ..  If only it were that easy.

Here is the link to the article I read this morning on ways to de-stress.

I am learning , albeit slowly, how to not get stressed out so easily.   It’s really not worth it in the final analysis.  Things won’t be better for my getting all upset and agitated so why bother.    It also has a detrimental affect on my ability to get through whatever the situation is that is causing me stress.  If I stay calm and just focus on the task at hand, it all goes much better.    I risk angering a few people in my life who seem to generate and thrive on stress because they get the mistaken idea that I am not taking the situation seriously.   But it’s a risk I am willing to take at this point in my life.

Going to go relax and hydrate.   Have a happy Sunday.


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