Lost and Found

Philippa's Grave Site

As my winding path takes its detours and such, this is a photograph taken today of me at the grave site of my birth mother, Philippa M. Thompson.  She gave me up for adoption in 1973.  It was always my intention to find her again someday.  Well today is that day.    But I wasn’t able to hug her and thank her for making such a difficult decision.   She died in 1998 at the age of 68.    So all I could do was leave some humble flowers at the grave site and continue on my path.

I am hoping to find other biological family who can fill in some of the blanks but some questions I fear will remain unanswered forever.

This part of my journey has made me by turns, angry, then sad, then reflective and back to sad.   What I am learning also is you can live 7 decades on this earth and leave barely a whisper of a trace that you were here.

Knowing a little about the health of my maternal side of the family has helped.   I am trying to figure out where she went and who my father was.  Then I can hope to fill in the paternal side.

But for now I am tired.   Time for a nap.  Its been an emotionally draining few weeks.


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