Down the slippery slope of indifference

Isn’t it funny how a person can be really “sold out” on an idea and then not follow through?  oh there are plenty of excuses; but make no mistake – that’s what they are Excuses.   So begins the faltering foot onto the slippery slope and before you know it, you are ass over tea kettle and gathering momentum back down to the bottom of the valley you  thought you were climbing out of.   “You” in this case being me.

I weighed myself yesterday .  Weight is up again for the second month in a row.  I am back up at 233.4 .   Well too many soft drinks and too many sweets will darn well do that, huh?   Paleo diet??!!! Primal Diet….???!!!  um yeah well um.  Looks like if I am going to do that, I may have to go solo.  Which could present some serious challenges since I don’t do the cooking at my house.   But the fact that hubs is not sold out on my Primal Diet idea is no excuse for me making poor choices.    Case in point :  Ingles puts bags of raspberry chocolate in the clearance buggy and I buy one.  {What’s one gonna hurt right? I can just indulge in a piece or two now and then. No big}  Right so the bag o’ chocolate sin disappears in less than a week   And I lecture myself on my weakness and vow to not give in again; that is until we are in Ingles again and that clearance buggy is still there and there are more bags in the buggy of the chocolate… uh oh!!  Well it’s been a tough week and I need a boost so I grab another bag, again vowing that THIS time I will exercise restraint and self control.  Um yeah, NOT!  I’ve now been through 3 bags of the chocolate, though  I have had help from the aforementioned hubs.  Who is pre-diabetic and shouldn’t be eating the stuff to begin with.   Sooo… I have got to get my act together. 

Tomorrow…….. I’ll start tomorrow {as I stare longingly at my bag of Truffles hubs bought me on sale at the store}   Today is Mother’s Day after all.  I can be nice to me for one more day. *weak smile*