A Journey of a Thousand Miles

… or in my case, 100 pounds, begins by taking the first step.

So far I have  …  1. increased my water intake to 6-8 12 oz glasses per day

2. decreased my caffeine intake to 2 cups of coffee in the morning

3. cut grains from my diet.

What I haven’t done yet : 1. increased my level of exercise

2. Tried  any  Primal recipes

But at least  I am moving in the right direction.  🙂  I think the fact that I am craving those grains is actually a good sign.   Even my husband admitted to me this morning that he is craving doughnuts this morning which is unusual for him as he generally doesn’t crave sweets of any kind.

Also caught an interesting vid on YouTube this morning by way of a FB post by Julian Lennon.

Check it out here please?  Video.    I posted it also on my FB page so if you are one of my FB buddies and you already saw it then just ignore the link , lol.   But if you ignored it there *glare* don’t make that mistake twice.  It’s a good use of your time, I promise.

And in other news, my daughter Heather gave me a link to the Food Renegade site.  There is a boat load of info there folks!!! Not as much as Mark’s Daily Apple, mind you, but still.  I could dive in here and not resurface for days, lol.  One page I found helpful since I am a ‘newbie’ to the idea of eating food that is as close to it’s natural or raw state as possible is the one entitled Newbie Tips

That’s all I’ve got for now gang.  I’m still a bit over saturated with the info.  Trying to process what I’ve been reading and adjusting my mindset to be more proactive about a lot of things in my life, not just the food. 🙂


Going Primal!… *rawr*

In betwixt work work and um, more work, I have been trolling the web like some half crazed info-junkie trying to understand this journey I am gearing up for.   I want to be sure I am well prepared to begin so I don’t set myself up for failure.

I have had a few people ask me what made me choose not to go with eating clean.  My main reason is the grains.  I’m ditching them.   All of ’em.  Cold turkey.   And the clean eating crowd says to get a quarter of your daily servings from… grains!

Eat Clean Plate

The Eating Clean Plate from the Gracious Pantry

It is almost a mirror image of the USDAs My Plate  …

Having seen the documentary Fat Head (I mentioned it in an earlier post. You can find it on Hulu.com)  and done some reading at Mark Sisson’s site  I decided to remove grains from my diet.   So instead I want to be eating like this:

Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid

It bears only the most basic resemblance to the food pyramid we grew up with  in school.  In fact the only resemblance is … they are both pyramids

And there the resemblance pretty well ends.   But having grown up on the Pyramid, it’s what i understand well so the Primal pyramid works well for me. visually.

The other major decision I have made is go primal rather than paleo.   I believe in the Paleo diet  but I’m part mouse – meaning  I love my cheese.  Going cold turkey on dairy makes me break out in a cold sweat, get the shakes, and huddle in the corner whimpering… Seriously.   Roy and I have already cut back on dairy.  I gave up cow’s milk a few months ago and can’t say I miss it since I drink Almond milk.  I like the taste better :).   I’m not a tremendous yogurt eater either or cottage cheese or sour cream.   Just good old cheddar is my biggest weakness, though a nice chunk of smoked Gouda  is divine.  Anyway, you get my drift.   Paleos don’t do dairy so this was going to be a big stumbling block for me.    Primal says you can have some dairy… in moderation.  So I wll have to cut back but I don’t have to give it up entirely *whew*

Cause I can tell you right now, going cold turkey on the grains is going to be a challenge enough!  My body is addicted to them. I’ve been indoctrinated all my life about the wonderful benefits of grains!   I love a good southern melt in your mouth, slathered with butter (or saw mill gravy!) biscuit and the smell of a fresh out of the kitchen warm Reuben sandwich makes me salivate.  Oh and pizza!!! Thick crust pizza… yum!!!   Of course let’s not forget  all those breakfast cereals, breakfast bars,  Little Debbie snack cakes,  Hawaiian  Bread,  burritos, tacos.. oh the list goes on and on of things that are grain based or have grains in them.

So anyway, I’m gearing up for our first official Primal grocery trip later this week.   It’s going to be quite an experience.

Happy Monday everybody~


Let the Winnowing Begin…

So it appears, at least for the time being that MFP has become my new FB.  I can’t stay outta there, lol.   I keep trolling the boards and reading  – reading – reading.  For someone starved for information on what’s out there, what’s been tried, what works, what doesn’t work etc  – it’s like a free for all feast!!  And I am gorging myself!!

Yesterday I asked about coconut oil.  I have been reading that it is much better for you than vegetable oil and canola oil.   Someone directed me to Tropical Traditions and said I can also get it in my local health food store.   Temple isn’t big enough to have one of those.  We just got our second (and only major) grocery store about 2 years ago.   So I’ll have to go to a neighboring town or order online.  For cooking I need the expeller pressed type since it has a neutral flavor.  Folks use it also on toast and in their coffee as well.  So I’m excited to give it a go.  Just need a good paycheck because it’s pricey.  But everyone says it lasts a long time.

Today was a day of more new discoveries.  Two major ones to be exact.  Since I have still be mulling over the East Clean diet I mentioned in an earlier post, when someone mentioned The Gracious Pantry as being a good starting place for someone new to clean eating, I looked it up.   I poked around a bit but I’m not heading there I don’t believe.  I believe my path lies in a different direction. But I thought I’d post it here for anyone who might feel that is their path.

Which leads me to my second big discovery of the day, and the one I’m pretty darned excited about!!  *drum roll please*  Some one posted a link to Mark’s Daily Apple.    and not just a link to the site, a link to a specific article he wrote…    here!!!   It was my “Ah ha!” moment.   That pivotal point where my path toward health takes a definitive step… a purposeful step forward.  I feel invigorated, excited, motivated.   I think this is my direction, my path; and so my mind fast forwards – envisioning myself healthy again, more mobile again, less fearful of what tomorrow holds.  I see such possibilities and I’m pretty darn giddy right now.   Of course I still have a long way to go on this.   And I may delve into this and at some point decide that this is not my path.   But so far I don’t think so.   Along that same path you can also check this out for more info on a Primal/Paleo Diet

So follow me on my path if ya like 🙂  I’d love some company.  I’m going to keep posting on other information I find, even if it’s not part of my ‘path’ because I love finding out new things and it will also give me my own personal references to other info if my path leads to a dead end.

Here’s to Health and happiness~

Accountability… I need it!

Good morning!!  I’ve had about 4.5 hours sleep thanks to my dog Jack who had to go out at around 3:45 this morning.  I couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up and went to work on an appraisal order I have due today.   Taking a break for a few to decide if I want to try to go back to bed for a nap or just stay up and keep working.  Jury’s still out on that one.

But while I was pondering, I went to My Fitness Pal and updated my Food diary.  You can see it here, if you care to.  I got the site from my daughter Heather who had posted about it on her FB… thanks Heather.   It’s a free site and you can customize your goals and keep a food diary and exercise  diary to track your progress.   I think the food diary will help me tremendously to see in black and white what I am eating and how many calories.  It also tells you how much protein, fat and carbs you are getting from your food choices.   I had to guesstimate my weight since I don’t have a scale but hope to pick one up somewhere soon so I can find out my actual weight and track my weigh loss.  

The site gives you goals based on how much you want to lose each week and how much you want to lose overall.  I am not focusing too much on the calories.  I am going to focus more on the carbs, protein and fat I eat.   I want to limit my carbs and try to choose good carbs.  Not going ot get too excited about fat though I am going to try to not be eating a bunch of fat laden foods, lol.    I am hoping if I can up my veggies and fruits and drink more water, less caffeinated beverages and start walking regularly, that the weight will begin to drop.

Ok.. jury’s in… this gal needs a nap!!!  Later folks. 🙂

Information Overload!!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since I watched Fat Head.  I look at my body in the mirror and I literally HATE what I see.  and I’m astounded as well.   I used to be thin.  What the hell happened?  I weigh over 100 pounds more than I did at 18!! Yep over 100 pounds… and I weigh about 75 pounds more than I did , oh 7 years ago.    How did I get here?  Why did I get here?  But most importantly… How do I get away from here and STAY away from here??!!!

So I’ve been working Google over.  I’ve read about the Eat Clean Diet and even know a gal that has done it and she’s lost over 100 pounds in the last 2 years.  The book costs about $20 but I bet I can find it on Amazon used for less.  But I’m afraid it’s too ‘complicated’ for me.   I’m all about convenience and that’s what processed foods give me … the convenience to grab and go or nuke it and go.  But have you read some of those ingredient lists???  Chemicals I can’t even pronounce so not sure how my body digests them.   Can I stay away from those convenience foods?  And I have to get hubby on board, cuz he does all our cooking so it has to be something I can convince him to do or I’m sunk!!  And what do I do if I have questions or need help?

I also found one today called Beyond Diet.   They will give me lifetime  access to their online community and all the tools to learn what foods are actually good for my body and which ones aren’t, how to determine what kind of metabolism I have (so they say),  recipes and shopping lists all for $47  *their words not mine*    Sounds good.  I need all the coaching I can get but I’m pretty broke so I’m hesitating on the $47.    I watched their presentation and took 2 pages of notes.  The presentation had a pause button but unfortunately not a rewind button, lol.    It was good information.   Just a lot to process and without the tools to implement it , not sure it’s gonna help.

I’ve got to find something that isn’t a “Diet” but is actually a life change and one I can stick with for LIFE.   And it’s got to be something hubby will embrace too.

In the meantime, I’m drinking lots more water and less caffeine.   Haven’t walked any lately.  One reason or another on that that just means I’ve been doing a lot of sitting… not good.

Never did go pick up the RX for the potassium.  I’m taking the otc one I got at Ingles for the moment since the RX is $26.   Haven’t really been taking that blood pressure -diuretic combo either.  I only have a 30 day supply, then what?  We don’t have insurance so not sure how I can get any more.

I’ve got more questions than answers still.

Later gang~

Fat Head

Happy New Year!!!!  …. Let’s hope it’s an amazing one!!  I ended 2011 by searching for and finding a documentary movie my son had implored me to watch .. .oh about a year ago.   He had  said it was called Fat Head and asked if I had seen Super Size Me.  I said sure did.   So he told me then you definitely need to see this..  I said great. I’ll look for it!   I tried to find it on my cable network’s On Demand programming, didn’t find it and then promptly forgot to keep lookin’   *shame on me*

Well last night while pondering what 2012 held for me and what changes I would need to make to ensure that 2012 is much more healthy and happy than 2011,  I remembered that documentary.  So I did a Google search for it and found  it here.   It was long…. especially for someone, like me, who rarely watches movies anymore because they are too long and I don’t want to sit still that long! *lol*   This is LONGG.   but hey, there’s a pause button on it which I used with great abandon.   In fact before 2012 even got here, and about half way through the documentary, I went to bed…   Woke up this morning and picked up where i left off.

Now I am kicking myself for waiting this long to check it out. *ouch*  But what the heck!  What a way to start my new year.    Get informed.   I watched Super Size Me oh a few years back.     I  thought the idea had some merit on the surface of it but I didn’t change anything I was doing based on that documentary.     And I don’t know what changes I am going to make now, yet.   But this documentary definitely gave me some serious thinking to do.  I think I may give his idea  a try like he did and see if I get similar type results.   Don’t know yet.  Not keen on playing games with my health…. oh wait… That’s what I have been doing for years *sigh*

What I do know is I don’t like the way I look, and I REALLY don’t like the way I feel physically.   But what is the worst is I HATE  how the way I look and feel physically makes me feel emotionally.

My new day today began with information… along with my Prilosec tablet and large glass of water for my gastritis.     Oh and hope… I got lots of that.

Oh and here are few pics for the heck of it.

This is me about 12 or so years ago with my husband Roy

Me and Hubby in Tennesse ... June 2010

Off to take my blood pressure pill.   Happy New Year!!!!