To Begin a new Beginning

2011 was a lot tougher than I had hoped it would be… and a lot longer.  It seemed to stretch out in to infinity with no sight of exit.  One day melted into the next and often I couldn’t discern a difference.   Wake up, work ,eat, sleep.  Get up and do it again.   I survived it but I can’t say it was pretty.   Looking at myself in the mirror the other day, well I’d say it was down right uuugggly!  *sigh*

Had a health scare the other day that sent me to the ER.  Turned out to be gastritis, or so the ER doc said.    What it wasn’t is heart trouble.   Yea me?!     While we were there. my hubby chimes in about my calf cramps I keep getting.  ER doc looks at my legs and says i have edema and comments that my BP has been elevated since i arrived.  I told him it’s always elevated when I go to the DR since i don’t like hospitals or going to the doctor.  He seemed to be unswayed by my explanation.   He looks at my bloodwork and noticed my potassium levels were low.  Apparantly that is what is causing my cramps when I walk.  So he prescribed me an RX for potassium and one for a combo BP med with a diuretic.     For the gastritis he told me to take OTC Prilosec and antacids.

I’ve been taking the BP med for a week.  The first day I wore out a path to the bathroom but it’s been fine since.  Haven’t gone and gotten the RX potassium yet.  They were out and had to order it in.  So I bought just some over the counter potassium tablets and take one a day.  Guess who’s leg cramps have gotten much better?  Mine!!! Yea!!!  I had been trying to walk each day some and I chronicle it on Runkeeper     but each time I walked I got cramps so I was getting really discouraged.    I haven’t walked in the last few days but hope to again in the next day or so.   The last time I walked I was almost home before my right calf started hurting so I am hopeful.

I am hoping in 2012 I can find the path back to being healthy.   I’m in my 40s now and I’ve got to get a grip on my weight before it does real damage to my health … and thus is the name of this journal.   The Winding Path…   because I don’t have a clear plan yet.  I’m just going to begin and see what each new day uncovers so that by the end of 2012,  I’ll be a better me!  🙂

Cya in 2012 gang.


Kimberly - late December 2011